The Dorn Method was developed in Bavaria, in a small village in Germany over 40 years ago by Dieter Dorn (1938-2011) a saw mill owner.

He injured himself whilst lifting a heavy log and as a result suffered consequently with lumbago. He went to an old village healer who helped to relieve him of the pain by using very simple and easy techniques. When he asked the old Healer if he could learn these techniques – the Healer just said ‘you already know them’. Dieter Dorn has been his last client before he died.

Dieter Dorn’s first and most prominent client was his wife who had suffered from severe headaches for many years.

After he developed the technique further, he helped many people from the neighbourhood and villages. He hadn’t a massage couch at the time so he used his kitchen table to check people’s leg lengths.

After he had corrected their misalignments and leg lengths he was impressed that other health issues like knee pain, heart problems and headaches also disappeared at the same time.

Together with a medical doctor he learned more about anatomy and physiology and some years later he started to give seminars to pass on this great and succesfull Method.



What is Dorn and how does it work

The Dorn Method is a very safe and gentle manual therapy to correct misalignments on the spinal column and joints.

It is safe because there is no manipulation or ‘clicking and crunching’ involved.

It works simply by using dynamic movements of the client in form of swinging legs, arms and turning the neck from side to side. This movement relaxes and ‘distracts’ the muscles and ligaments, allowing the joints to go back easily into their natural position.

It involves teamwork between the therapist and the client. In manipulation the muscles and ligaments can often be ‘stressed’, where by using the techniques of Dorn it allows the spine and the joints to be adjusted much more frequently.

To help maintain balance in the body we also show some simple self help exercises during or after the treatment to take home for regular practice. Dorn is a preventative joint care system and offers long term benefits.


A Dorn Method treatment involves

correcting any misalignments and imbalances of the pelvic, knee and ankle joints
moving up to check and correct the lumbar, thoracic and cervical vertebraes of the back
if necessary the joints of the shoulders, elbows, wrists, fingers, collarbone and jaw will be corrected

The treatment works very well in combination with a spinal massage, called The Breuss Massage