spaorigIs a wonderful and relaxing Spinal Massage to stretch, nourish, align and energize the spine.

During the day our spine and especially our discs are ‘working very hard’ to fulfill their duty as shock-absorbers.

We are actually a little shorter in the evening compared to the morning because the discs are consequently squeezed and some of the liquid within escapes. making the discs thinner.

During sleep the spine relaxes and stretches out and the discs can then regenerate.

The Breuss Massage actually stretches the spine and acts similarly to a whole nights worth of sleeping.

Usually the Breuss Massage is given after a Dorn treatment. But in some occasions it can be given before a Dorn treatment to relax the clients’ muscles to make it easier for the therapist to be able to carry out the Dorn Therapy.

This relaxing spinal massage will take approximately 15 Minutes.

It can be also carried out as an only treatment to relax – pure luxury!